Seung-Won Shin

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We propose D-SAT (detecting SYN flooding attack by two-stage statistical approach) system that is simple and robust approach to detect SYN flooding attacks by observing network traffic. Instead of managing all ongoing traffic on the network, D-SAT only monitors SYN count and ratio between SYN and other TCP packets at first time. And it detects SYN flooding(More)
An oral delivery system based on ApxIIA#5-expressed on Saccharomyces cerevisiae was studied for its potential to induce immune responses in mice. Murine bone marrow-derived dendritic cells (DCs) stimulated in vitro with ApxIIA#5-expressed on S. cerevisiae upregulated the expression of maturation and activation markers, leading to production of tumor(More)
The very first step to process electrocardiogram (ECG) signal is to eliminate baseline wandering interference that is usually caused by electrode-skin impedance mismatch, motion artifacts due to a patient's body moment or respiratory breathing. A new method is thus suggested to remove baseline wandering in ECG by improving the detrending method that was(More)
UMO (Underwater Moving Object) based on underwater acoustic communication can be useful for underwater environment observation, catastrophe prevention, ocean resources exploration, ocean organism research, vessel sinking exploration, and etc. But, for controlling the UMO underwater acoustic communication has constraints due to limited transmission capacity,(More)
This paper demonstrates Biomimetic fish robot controlling system using by underwater acoustic signal. All the information, results and technical data were collected during implementation in real environment. Through this paper we have focused to create Biomimetic fish robot controlling system with an enhanced design.