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In this paper, a compensation technique for realizing a precise decibel-linear CMOS programmable gain amplifier (PGA) is described. The proposed PGA, employing an auxiliary pair, not only retains a constant current density but also offers a gain-independent bandwidth (BW). For verification, a compact PGA (0.1 mm<sup>2</sup>) is fabricated using a(More)
A 45nm CMOS 7b nonbinary 2b/cycle SAR ADC that operates up to 1GS/s with a 1.25V supply is presented. Use of a nonbinary decision scheme for decision error correction in a 2b/cycle structure not only increases the ADC speed with a relaxed DAC settling requirement but also makes the performance robust to reference fluctuation and signal-dependent comparator(More)
A low power dual-channel asynchronous successive approximation register (ASAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is presented. A metastable-then-set (MTS) algorithm is proposed with the aim of eliminating unnecessary decision operations in ASAR and its effects on power consumption and performance have been measured. The proposed flag synchronization(More)
Capacitive touch-screen panels (TSPs) are widely used in recent high-end mobile products on the basis of their high quality of touch features, as well as superior visibility and durability [1-5]. Capacitive TSPs can be classified into self-capacitance [1,2] or mutual-capacitance [3-5] types, according to the sensing mechanism. Compared with the(More)