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In this paper, a compensation technique for realizing a precise decibel-linear CMOS programmable gain amplifier (PGA) is described. The proposed PGA, employing an auxiliary pair, not only retains a constant current density but also offers a gain-independent bandwidth (BW). For verification, a compact PGA (0.1 mm<sup>2</sup>) is fabricated using a(More)
A 45nm CMOS 7b nonbinary 2b/cycle SAR ADC that operates up to 1GS/s with a 1.25V supply is presented. Use of a nonbinary decision scheme for decision error correction in a 2b/cycle structure not only increases the ADC speed with a relaxed DAC settling requirement but also makes the performance robust to reference fluctuation and signal-dependent comparator(More)
Capacitive touch-screen panels (TSPs) are widely used in recent high-end mobile products on the basis of their high quality of touch features, as well as superior visibility and durability [1-5]. Capacitive TSPs can be classified into self-capacitance [1,2] or mutual-capacitance [3-5] types, according to the sensing mechanism. Compared with the(More)