Seung-Tak Choi

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The dynamics of multi-agent in nature have been largely studied for a long time to investigate how the aggregation of agents can move smoothly in complex environments without collision. The main insights can be summarized such that the aggregated dynamics of animals and particles can be explained by an individual's simple rules. In a similar vein, we(More)
In this paper, we propose a new vehicle localization method based on topology matching in mutli-vehicle environment. Each vehicle is assumed to generate a local map which is a set of position measurements of nearby vehicles by using onboard low-cost GPS and ranging sensors, and share it with others by broadcasting via vehicle-to-vehicle(V2V) communication.(More)
In an autonomous driving system, a precise reference map with static environment information is necessary to perform accurate localization and path planning. To build a static reference map, only the background parts in the scene must be extracted by removing dynamic objects in the scanned data. However, filtering dynamic objects out from the scene is(More)
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