Seung-Tae Hong

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The study on spatial database outsourcing has been spotlighted with the development of cloud computing. Therefore, researches for protecting location data privacy in outsourced database have been studied. However, the existing spatial transformation schemes are vulnerable to naïve attack models. The existing cryptographic transformation scheme(More)
Recently, wireless sensor networks (WSN) are actively used for various monitoring systems. While implementing WSN-based monitoring systems, there are three important issues to be considered. At first, we should consider a node failure detection method to provide continuous monitoring. Secondly, because sensor nodes use limited battery power, we need an(More)
Recently, the cloud computing system has attracted much interest in processing the big data efficiently. Because services using big data on the cloud computing environment consider a lot of users, an efficient user access control scheme is required. However, the existing schemes have a critical problem that the cost of the key management for the user access(More)
Recently, researches on key management scheme for user access control in outsourced databases have been actively done. Because outsourced databases require dealing with a lot of users and data resources, an efficient key management scheme for reducing the number of authentication keys is required. However, the existing schemes have a critical problem that(More)
Quasicrystals (QCs) are well-ordered but aperiodic crystals with classically forbidden symmetries (such as 5-fold). High-dimensional (HD) crystallography is a standard method to locate atom positions explicitly. However, in practice, it is still challenging because of its complexity. Here, we report a new simple approach to three-dimensional (3D) atomic(More)
Graphics processing units have proved their capability for general-purpose computing in many research areas. In this paper, we propose the mechanism and implementation of a database system that encrypts and decrypts data by using GPU. The proposed mechanism is mainly designed for database systems that require data encryption and decryption to support high(More)
In the structure of the title salt, [Co(C6H6N2)2(H2O)2](BF4)2, the Co(II) atom is located on an inversion centre. The transition metal is in a slightly distorted octa-hedral coordination environment, defined by the cyano N atoms of four hex-3-enedi-nitrile ligands in equatorial positions and the O atoms of two water mol-ecules in axial positions. The(More)