Seung Seok Lee

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It is well-known that aerosols affect clouds and that the effect of aerosols on clouds is critical for understanding human-induced climate change. Most climate model studies have focused on the effect of aerosols on warm strati-form clouds (e.g., stratocumulus clouds) for the prediction of climate change. However, systems like the Asian and In-dian Monsoon,(More)
Cloud and aerosol effects on radiation in two contrasting cloud types, a deep mesoscale convective system (MCS) and warm stratocumulus clouds, are simulated and compared. At the top of the atmosphere, 45–81% of shortwave cloud forcing (SCF) is offset by longwave cloud forcing (LCF) in the MCS, whereas warm stratiform clouds show the offset of less than(More)
This paper describes a fiber optic sensor suitable for noncontact detection of ultrasonic waves. This sensor is based on the fiber optic Sagnac interferometer, which has a path-matched configuration and does not require active stabilization. Quadrature phase bias between two interfering laser beams in the Sagnac loop is applied by controlling the(More)
The growth of small ( approximately 10-micrometer) diamond particles (on 0.1-or 0.25-micrometer seed crystals) using an effusive glow discharge nozzle for H.and a separate supersonic pyrolysis jet for .CH(3) is reported. Laser micro-Raman, scanning electron microscopy, and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy data are presented as evidence that(More)
A rapid and sensitive column-switching semi-micro high-performance liquid chromatography method was developed for the direct analysis of tiropramide in human plasma. The plasma sample (100 microl) was directly injected onto Capcell Pak MF Ph-1 precolumn where deproteinization and analyte fractionation occurred. Tiropramide was then eluted into an enrichment(More)
The design and performance of a simple parallel plate, irrigated, precipitator for use in the sampling of soluble aerosols is described. Unifrom surface coverage of 0.044 +/- 0.003 mL/cm2 by the gravity fed collection fluid is provided with a fiberglass mat (Gelman type A/E filter), while a surface washout of approximately 45% occurs in fluid residence(More)
In this study, the experimental and the simulation results for a planar free link impacting a granular medium are analyzed. The resistance force of the granular medium on the body from the moment of the impact until the body stops is very important. Horizontal and vertical static resistance forces developed by theoretical and empirical approaches are(More)
A high powered Q-switched Nd:YAG laser was used to excite the surface waves, and an optical fiber sensor was used to detect the out-of-plane displacements due to the propagating waves. This sensor is based on the fiber optic Sagnac interferometer, which has the path-matched configuration and does not require active stabilization. Quadrature phase bias(More)
This paper describes an experimental study on field emission characteristics of individual graphene layers for vacuum nanoelectronics. Graphene layers were prepared by mechanical exfoliation from a highly oriented pyrolyzed graphite block and placed on an insulating substrate, with the resulting field emission behavior investigated using a nanomanipulator(More)
  • B Ahn, S S Lee
  • 2000
The ultrasonic attenuation in low carbon steel with 0.04 wt% C to 0.80 wt% C was measured over a frequency range of 5 to 15 MHz, and the effects of the carbon content and normalizing temperature were analyzed. In pure iron, the attenuation is determined from the average grain size, which increases as the normalizing temperature increases; there is a(More)