Seung Rae Lee

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Kimpo metropolitan landfill has received various kinds of wastes since January 1992. The leachate level was measured to be 10.3 m in May 1995 and the level increased to 12.2 m in August 1996. Therefore, to prove the reason for the increasing leachate level, we calibrated hydraulic conductivity of each waste and intermediate layer using the HELP (Hydrologic(More)
The development of an immunochromatographic technique suitable for rapid analysis of biological fluids is described. Quasi-one-dimensional antibody lattices specific for theophylline were constructed by packing Sepharose beads conjugated with specific antibody into specially designed narrow capillary tubes. The design of these capillary columns was such(More)
This study conducted a combined adsorption-sequential extraction analysis (CASA), by which five phases (i.e., exchangeable, carbonate, Mn-Oxide, organic, and Fe-Oxide phases) of adsorbed heavy metals were analyzed, to investigate temperature effects on single and competitive adsorptions of Zn(II) and Cu(II) onto natural clays. In the case of single(More)
If a municipal solid waste (MSW) landfill is used as the foundation for a construction site, the change in the loading conditions may cause considerable compression of the landfill. Therefore, reinforcement to compensate for the loose compression nature of a MSW landfill is a very important design factor for geotechnical engineers when considering the(More)
To investigate the effect of temperature on effective diffusion coefficients and retardation factors for Zn and Cd, combined diffusion and sequential extraction analyses were conducted at 15 degrees C and 55 degrees C. The effective diffusion coefficients of the metals increased up to ten times according to the increased temperature. On the other hand, the(More)
In this study, several existing municipal solid waste (MSW) settlement estimation methods are reviewed and applied to analyze the settlement data of nine MSW landfills. Because a biodegradation-related settlement contributes differently to a long-term total settlement depending on the age of landfills, the actual MSW landfill sites are classified into three(More)
When combined in the lining and covering of waste-containment facilities, soil and geosynthetic components protect the environment by acting as a hydraulic barrier. Equipment loading may significantly increase the tensile stress induced in geosynthetic components, leading to a potential stability problem. Large equipment loadings may also result in a(More)
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