Seung Min Lee

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In this study, the protective effects of melatonin were evaluated against 3-nitropropionic acid (3-NP)-induced striatal neuronal damage in rats. Lesions were induced in the right striatum of Sprague-Dawley rats by stereotaxic injection with 3-NP and melatonin was intraperitoneally administered both 30 min before and 60 min after 3-NP injection. And rats(More)
We propose the idea of single cell dielectric spectroscopy for future clinical applications such as cell therapy and regen-erative medicine. The structure of the microfluidic device is carefully designed to suppress the influence of electrode polarization on the dielectric spectra of single cells. Beads of uniform size distribution is used to determine the(More)
This study was performed to investigate the association between hair mineral levels and nutrient intakes, age, and BMI in female adults who visited a woman's clinic located in Seoul. Dietary intakes were assessed by food frequency questionnaire and mineral levels were measured in collected hairs, and the relationship between these was examined. The average(More)
OBJECTIVE A high-frequency steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) has been suggested for the reduction of eye fatigue for SSVEP-based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs). However, the poor performance of high-frequency SSVEP requires a novel stimulus of better performance even with low eye fatigue. As an alternative to the high-frequency SSVEP, we(More)
Capacitive electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement over clothing requires large electrodes that can remain in contact with curved body surfaces to increase the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In this article, we propose a new, thin, and flexible active electrode for use as a capacitive ECG measurement electrode. This electrode contains a shielding plate over its(More)
Moxibustion has been used to treat various types of disease. However, there is still insufficient evidence regarding its effectiveness. This study was performed to summarize and evaluate the effectiveness of moxibustion. A search was performed for all randomized controlled trials in PubMed between January 1998 and July 2008 with no language restriction. The(More)
We developed and tested a system for estimating body postures on a bed using unconstrained measurements of electrocardiogram (ECG) signals using 12 capacitively coupled electrodes and a conductive textile sheet. Thirteen healthy subjects participated in the experiment. After detecting the channels in contact with the body among the 12 electrodes, the(More)
Adaptive classification is an important online problem in data analysis. The nonlinear and nonstationary nature of much data makes standard static approaches unsuitable. In this paper, we propose a set of sequential dynamic classification algorithms based on extension of nonlinear variants of Bayesian Kalman processes and dynamic generalized linear models.(More)
The technology for measuring ECG using capacitive electrodes and its applications are reviewed. Capacitive electrodes are built with a high-input-impedance preamplifier and a shield on their rear side. Guarding and driving ground are used to reduce noise. An analysis of the intrinsic noise shows that the thermal noise caused by the resistance in the(More)