Seung Man Lee

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For the analysis of large-scale complex systems, agent-based modeling and simulation has proven to provide a valuable research tool. The emphasis has, however, typically been on representing the dynamic behavior of physical entities such as aircraft. Simulation of human operators has often been minimal even though human behavior has an enormous impact on(More)
To increase the capacity, safety, efficiency, quality, and affordability of air transportation systems require potentially revolutionary transformations. These transformations may involve system-wide changes and innovations as well as changes to individual components within the system. All of these changes require a robust modeling and simulation tool that(More)
Here we report on the development of software agents with human-like performance characteristics for use in simulations of new airspace concepts. The goal of our effort is to use the agents to evaluate the impact of new technologies, such as widespread automation, on the workload and situation awareness of air traffic controllers. Our approach combines a(More)
Although computational modeling of human performance provides significant value in complex domains, its use has been mostly confined to simple human computer interaction (HCI) tasks due to difficulty in constructing models in such domains. The aim of this paper is to present the construction of a reactive human performance model from detailed cognitive task(More)
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