Seung-Kyu Park

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Spoken language systems for the near future will not handle all of English, but, rather, will be limited to a domain-specific sub-language. Accurate modeling of the sub-language will depend on analysis of domain-specific data. Since no spoken language systems currently have a wide range of users, and since variability across users is expected to be large,(More)
The Adaptive Random Testing (ART) was devised to improve the performance of pure random tests, which is one of black-box testing strategies. The ART-based algorithms were developed mainly for unit or single module tests. When a given unit-under-test (UUT) is integrated with an already proven front-end software module which takes inputs and supplies the(More)
Routing queries from a base station to a particular WSN node is preferable when it is done in a content oriented manner. Previously proposed query routing schemes are either not content based or lack to take advantage of a hierarchical organization of the network when they are content based. In this paper, we propose a hierarchical, service oriented routing(More)
We present a recipe based service composition scheme in smart spaces. We discuss real time problems of highly synchronized and user customizable processes with the help of an example. On-the-fly Quality of Service (QoS) shows up as a major issue in such environment. Furthermore the QoS of a dynamically composed service depends upon the aggregate QoS of its(More)