Seung Kwon Ahn

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PURPOSE We assessed the risk of radiation pneumonitis (RP) in terms of dosimetric parameters in breast cancer patients, who received radiotherapy using the partially wide tangent technique (PWT), following breast conservation surgery (BCS). METHODS We analyzed the data from 100 breast cancer patients who underwent radiotherapy using PWT. The entire(More)
Our underlying assumption is that high performance data management will be as important as high performance computing by the beginning of the next millennium. Given this, data mining will take on increasing importance. In this paper, we discuss our experience with parallel data mining on an IBM Sp-2, focusing on four issues which we feel are are emerging as(More)
‡ We are grateful for helpful comments from Seung Ahn, Sören Blomquist, Anders Forslund, Peter Fredriksson and Bertil Holmlund as well as seminar participants at IFAU. We are also grateful to Peter Fredriksson, Gunnar Forsling and Per Pettersson for providing us with variables for the data set. Any remaining errors are ours. Matz Dahlberg gratefully(More)
This paper studies the nonparametric identification and estimation of the structural parameters, including the per period utility functions, discount factors, and state transition laws, of general dynamic programming discrete choice (DPDC) models. I show an equivalence between the identification of general DPDC model and the identification of a linear GMM(More)
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