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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the distribution of shoulder and elbow injuries confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging in throwing athletes. STUDY DESIGN Descriptive epidemiological study. SETTING Tertiary institution. PARTICIPANTS Five hundred fifty-four baseball players referred to our institute for shoulder and elbow rehabilitation. INTERVENTIONS All(More)
The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases and a leading cause of death worldwide. Many anticancer drug development studies have been pursued over the last few decades and several viable drugs have been discovered, such as paclitaxel, topotecan and irinotecan. Previously, our research group uncovered(More)
—We consider a tool requirements planning problem in a flexible manufacturing system with an automatic tool transporter. The problem considered here is that of determining the number of tool copies of each tool type with the objective of minimizing total tardiness of orders with distinct due dates for a given budget for tool purchase. For the problem,(More)
We examined the effects of objectively measured physical activity (PA) and physical fitness (PF) on fear of falling (FOF) among older adults. The subjects were 94 Korean females aged 65-79. PA was measured with accelerometers, PF with the senior fitness test and FOF with the Korean Survey of Activities and Fear of Falling in the Elderly. With the subjects'(More)
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