Seung Ki Chon

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Pestiviruses and hepaciviruses are atypical members of the Flaviviridae due to their unique biological properties, including the utilization of internal ribosome entry for translation initiation. In contrast to internal initiation in picornaviruses, which depends on numerous canonical initiation factors, the mode of internal ribosome entry in pestiviruses(More)
The effects of Korean Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L) seed oil (SSO) on osteoporosis induced-ovariectomized rats were investigated. A total of 90 female Sprague-Dawley rats, 4-month-old, weighing 200-230 g were randomly assigned into 3 groups (30 animals/group). The animals in group I were sham operated and those of group II and III were ovariectomized(More)
In humans, regulatory T (T reg) cells are known to play a critical role in both the regulation of immune homoeostasis and the progression of cancer. However, there is little information about the identification, characterization and the function of T reg cells in canine tumours. We identified T reg cells in 28 canine seminoma samples using a Forkhead box P3(More)
We determined the in vitro and in vivo translational efficiency mediated by the internal ribosomal entry site (IRES) from eight BVDV2 field isolates varying in virulence using a bicistronic reporter vector in rabbit reticulocyte lysates (RRL), and in primate and bovine cell lines. Using a T7-promoter system, the high virulence isolates had greater(More)
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