Seung Keun Ji

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We explore mode locking of spontaneous oscillations of saccular hair cell bundles to periodic mechanical deflections. A simple dynamic systems framework is presented that captures the main features of the experimentally observed behavior in the form of an Arnold tongue. We propose that the phase-locking transition can proceed via different bifurcations. At(More)
of the Dissertation Theory of hair bundle motion: new insights from the simplest model of a hair bundle by Seung Keun Ji Doctor of Philosophy in Physics University of California, Los Angeles, 2013 Professor Robijn Bruinsma, Chair Hair bundle motion is modeled by the Normal Form of Hopf bifurcation equation and modelocking of a hair bundle and motion of a(More)
The inner ear constitutes a remarkably sensitive mechanical detector. This detection occurs in a noisy and highly viscous environment, as the sensory cells-the hair cells-are immersed in a fluid-filled compartment and operate at room or higher temperatures. We model the active motility of hair cell bundles of the vestibular system with the Adler equation,(More)
Hair cells of the inner ear exhibit an active process, believed to be crucial for achieving the sensitivity of auditory and vestibular detection. One of the manifestations of the active process is the occurrence of spontaneous hair bundle oscillations in vitro. Hair bundles are coupled by overlying membranes in vivo; hence, explaining the potential role of(More)
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