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PURPOSE Application of independent component analysis (ICA) to interictal EEGs and to event-related potentials has helped noise reduction and source localization. However, ICA has not been used for the analysis of ictal EEGs in partial seizures. In this study, we applied ICA to the ictal EEGs of patients with medial temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and(More)
Previously, we reported that besides retinal ganglion cell (RGC) spike, there is ~ 10 Hz oscillatory rhythmic activity in local field potential (LFP) in retinal degeneration model, rd1 mice. The more recently identified rd10 mice have a later onset and slower rate of photoreceptor degeneration than the rd1 mice, providing more therapeutic potential. In this(More)
It has been known that a diffusive coupling between two limit cycle oscillations typically leads to the in-phase synchronization and also that it is the only stable state in the weak-coupling limit. Recently, however, it has been shown that the coupling of the same nature can result in the distinctive dephased synchronization when the limit cycles are close(More)
We show that chaotic bursting activity observed in coupled neural oscillators is a kind of chaotic itinerancy. In neuronal systems with phase deformation along the trajectory, diffusive coupling induces a dephasing effect. Because of this effect, an antiphase synchronized solution is stable for weak coupling, while an in-phase solution is stable for very(More)
A1 Functional advantages of cell-type heterogeneity in neural circuits Tatyana O. Sharpee A2 Mesoscopic modeling of propagating waves in visual cortex Alain Destexhe A3 Dynamics and biomarkers of mental disorders Mitsuo Kawato F1 Precise recruitment of spiking output at theta frequencies requires dendritic h-channels in multi-compartment models of(More)
Human brains with hundreds of billions of neurons are organized in a hierarchical modular network. There have been many attempts to estimate inter-modular connec-tivity utilizing coherent neuronal activities of a huge number of neurons, such as the electro-encephalogram, the magneto-encephalogram, and the functional magnetic resonance imaging. Here we ask a(More)
Spontaneous human EEG during the resting state is modulating with long lasting high amplitude synchronization and very brief low amplitude de-synchronization states [1]. For the dynamic characterization of modulating alpha rhythm in the resting state EEG, we introduce a method of spontaneous-event related potential (SERP) analysis. Our method consists of(More)