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We developed a rapid and effective procedure for scanning electron microscopy of three delicate dinoflagellates, Karlodinium micrum, Akashiwo sanguinea, and Heterocapsa niei. Good results were obtained when the specimens were fixed with a modified Párducz’s fixative (2% osmium tetroxide:saturated mercuric chloride = 5:1 v/v) for 10 min, washed in 0.05 M(More)
AIM To evaluate diagnostic value of α-fetoprotein (AFP)-L3 and prothrombin induced by vitamin K absence-II (PIVKA-II) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). METHODS One hundred and sixty-eight patients during routine HCC surveillance were included in this study. Of the 168 patients, 90 (53.6%) had HCC including newly developed HCC (n = 82) or recurrent HCC(More)
To assess the effects of crude oil and dispersant on marine planktonic ecosystems, analyses were performed in 1000-L mesocosm over a period of nine days. Triplicate experiments were conducted for two different treatments, namely, addition of crude oil alone and oil plus dispersant. In the mesocosm with oil plus dispersant, high concentrations of total(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The aims of this study were (1) to identify the useful clinical parameters of noninvasive approach for distinguishing nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and (2) to determine whether the levels of the identified parameters are correlated with the severity of liver injury in patients with NASH.(More)
To assess the effects of crude oil spills on marine microbial communities, 10 L outdoor microcosms were manipulated over an exposure period of 8 days. The responses of microbial organisms exposed to five crude oil concentrations in 10 to 10,000 ppm (v/v) were monitored in the microcosms. The abundance of microalgae and copepods decreased rapidly upon the(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to assess the possible use of algicidal bacteria in conjunction with an immobilization technique for efficient termination of natural blooms of Stephanodiscus concomitant with minimization of adverse effects caused by a single application of bacteria. The performance of Pseudomonas fluorescens cells immobilized on(More)
High-resolution 16S rRNA tag pyrosequencing was used to obtain seasonal snapshots of the bacterial diversity and community structure at two locations in Gosung Bay (South Sea, Korea) over a one year period. Seasonal sampling from the water column at each site revealed highly diverse bacterial communities containing up to 900 estimated Operational Taxonomic(More)
The centric diatom Cyclotella, including the recently separated Discostella, is commonly present in freshwater and several species are important bio-indicators. Here, we describe molecular characteristics of the nuclear rDNA, spanning 18S to D1/D2 region of the 28S rDNA, of two genera Cyclotella and Discostella, particularly using Korean isolates of C.(More)
Historical environmental pollution in a semi-enclosed coastal bay was investigated using high-resolution sedimentary records for C(org), N(tot), CaCO(3,) δ(13)C, and δ(15)N signatures, and trace metals. A temporal increase in organic matter might have been attributable to enhanced primary marine productivity, presumably caused by increased anthropogenic(More)
BACKGROUNDS/AIMS It is not easy to differentiate between patients with cirrhosis and those with alcoholic liver disease. Liver biopsy is generally considered the gold standard for assessing hepatic fibrosis; however, this protocol frequently carries a risk of severe complications and false-negative results. Transient elastography (Fibroscan, Echosens,(More)