Seung-Jun Yeon

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to develop an integrated model for manpower forecasting for the information security (IS) industry, one of the fastest growing IT-related industries. The proposed model incorporates three critical factors (feedback structure, time lags, and a flexible saturation point) in a system dynamics (SD) simulation frame.(More)
Being successful can be just as dangerous to long-term health as being unsuccessful. Even success can sow the seeds of failure by stressing and overburdening the current system. While suppliers may be tempted to hype up their products to obtain additional sales in the short term, those customers persuaded by 'hype' are often disappointed with their(More)
The ability to forecast manpower requirements is crucial for an industry. On the demand side, companies rely on these forecasts to formulate their manpower planning strategies, while, on the supply side, they provide job seekers with a basis to assess the attractiveness of a given sector. Forecasts of supply and demand for manpower also make an important(More)
Perhaps, the mobile Internet services would be one of the typical emerging markets drawing tremendous attention from not only business professionals but also policymakers. In recent years many research institutes reported their predictions on the growth of the mobile Internet services, announcing that the market would show explosive growth and replace the(More)
The advent of nearly ubiquitous information infrastructures is raising two hypothetical questions conflicting each other in economic point of view. The one is that cyberspace, a parallel electronic world as a laboratory of new social and commercial practices will eventually resolve the problem of economic disparity by presenting equal opportunities to both(More)
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