Seung-Joon Seok

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In this paper, we consider two fairness problems that occur in the infrastructure network (fairness between TCP uplink/downlink flows and fairness between competing TCP uplink flows). A large number of existing works have studied the TCP fairness issues and greatly solved the TCP unfairness problems. However, these solutions suffer from the drawback of TCP(More)
Vertical handover is to change the local interface or the access network of mobile node in the middle of communications. IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover (MIH) model can provides mobile nodes with necessary information for handover. This paper proposes a MIH vertical handover model which is consists of event messages, vertical handover procedure, and(More)
The saw-tooth like behaviors of TCP impact Assured Forwarding Service flows in a differentiated services (diffserv) network. Therefore, we argue the use of TCP-friendly building blocks (or modules) and fairness modules in the diffserv architecture regarding this issue, and propose Two Markers System (TMS) that is able to properly mark packets and fairly(More)
There are two cruxes of issues identified in differentiated services (diffserv) networks: One is TCP dynamics over Assured Services, and the other is the interaction of TCP and UDP flows for Assured Forwarding Per Hop Behavior (PHB). Therefore, we argue unfair distribution of excess bandwidth in an over-provisioned networks as well as unfair degradation in(More)
With research effort of Ubiquitous computing development, Wireless Sensor Networks have also been studied and deployed in many places. Recently various works for sharing the existing sensor data have been tried. In this paper we propose a P2P based system for sharing sensor data. It uses a structured P2P – Pastry to provide DHT based routing without server(More)