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Identification of volatile components in basil Ocimum basilicum L and thyme leaves Thymus vulgaris L and their antioxidant properties
Aroma compounds in the extracts of basil leaves (Ocimum basilicum L.) and thyme leaves (Thymus vulgaris L.) were identified by gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography/mass spectrometryExpand
Characterization of odor-active compounds in Californian chardonnay wines using GC-olfactometry and GC-mass spectrometry.
Overall concentrations of compounds with floral or oak-related aromas were higher in wines shown by descriptive analysis to be high in intensity of either floral oroak notes, respectively. Expand
Comparison of volatile components in fermented soybean pastes using simultaneous distillation and extraction (SDE) with sensory characterisation
Abstract In this study, the volatile compounds in nine fermented soybean pastes were extracted and analysed by simultaneous steam distillation and extraction (SDE) and gas chromatography–massExpand
Conformational dynamics of bacteriophage T7 DNA polymerase and its processivity factor, Escherichia coli thioredoxin
A model for trx-induced conformational changes in gp5 is proposed that enhance the processivity by increasing the interaction of gp5 with DNA. Expand
Fully Functional Memory CD8 T Cells in the Absence of CD4 T Cells1
Despite the absence of CD4 T cells during the recall response or throughout the entire response, CD8 memory T cells were functional effectors and proliferated equivalently to their “helped” counterparts, indicating that the principal role of CD 4 T cells in generatingCD8 memory cells after infection is augmentation of proliferation or survival through costimulatory signals. Expand
TLR5 functions as an endocytic receptor to enhance flagellin‐specific adaptive immunity
A previously unknown function for TLR5 is demonstrated, namely that it enhances MHC class‐II presentation of flagellin epitopes to CD4+ T cells and is required for induction of robust flageLLin‐specific adaptive immune responses. Expand
An Interaction between DNA Polymerase and Helicase Is Essential for the High Processivity of the Bacteriophage T7 Replisome*
The first structural model of a bacteriophage T7 DNA helicase-DNA polymerase complex is presented using a combination of small angle x-ray scattering, single-molecule, and biochemical methods and it is proposed that the protein-protein interface stabilizing the leading strand synthesis involves two distinct interactions. Expand
A unique loop in T7 DNA polymerase mediates the binding of helicase-primase, DNA binding protein, and processivity factor.
It is proposed that the thioredoxin-binding domain is a molecular switch that regulates the interaction of T7 DNA polymerase with other proteins of the replisome. Expand
Salmonella Infection Drives Promiscuous B Cell Activation Followed by Extrafollicular Affinity Maturation.
It is shown, using laser microdissection, that somatic hypermutation (SHM) occurred efficiently at extrafollicular sites leading to affinity maturation that in turn led to detectable STm Ag-binding, suggesting a revised vision of how clonal selection and affinity m maturity operate in response to Salmonella. Expand
Chemical and sensory profiles of makgeolli, Korean commercial rice wine, from descriptive, chemical, and volatile compound analyses.
The chemical and sensory profiles of 12 commercial samples of makgeolli, a Korean rice wine, were determined using descriptive sensory, chemical, and volatile components analyses and samples RW1, RW2, RW5, RW8 and RW12 were associated with roasted cereal, mouldy, bubbles, sweet and sour attributes. Expand