Seung-Jo Bae

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Big memory applications such as in-memory database, denovo assembly application in the human genome sequencing area, big data analytics, and large scale scientific calculation are increasing explosively. However, the big memory system has been too expensive for many researchers and students. Therefore, methods to harvest remotely distributed memory has been(More)
As a platform for cloud services and high performance computing, cluster systems are primarily used. As the scale of the cluster system is increasing more and more and the use of heterogeneous nodes equipped with various hardware is increased, it is becoming more difficult and exhausting in time and cost to manage a cluster system in a conventional manner.(More)
This article is concerned chiefly with a software integration architecture for providing a large-capacity collective memory layer on a multi-node system by using a remote direct memory access technique and a software virtualization technique. Major components described by the architecture include a memory region management module, a large-capacity(More)
Workflow management systems are emerging as dominant solution in bioinformatics because they enable researchers to analyze the huge amount of data generated by modern laboratory equipment. The growth of genomic data generated by next generation sequencing (NGS) results in an increasing need to analyze data on distributed computer clusters. In this paper, we(More)
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