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Surface acoustic wave ͑SAW͒ devices were fabricated on ZnO thin films deposited on Si substrates. Effects of ZnO film thickness on the wave mode and resonant frequency of the SAWs have been investigated. Rayleigh and Sezawa waves were detected, and their resonant frequencies decrease with increase in film thickness. The Sezawa wave has much higher acoustic(More)
For the efficient management of water resources in the target basin, this study proposed a method to improve the reliability of a long-term hydrological simulation model by applying to the model agricultural water more approximate to actual water uses (than planned water demands) through their adjustment based on the effects of small-scale hydraulic(More)
This study begins to address the need for a runoff model that is able to simulate runoffs at control points in a dam’s upper and lower stream during the seasons of high and low water levels. We need to establish a synthetic management plan on water resources considering the runoff at the upper and lower streams to effectively manage the limited water(More)
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