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Microgrids are a new concept for future energy distribution systems that enable renewable energy integration and improved energy management capability. Microgrids consist of multiple distributed generators (DGs) that are usually integrated via power electronic inverters. In order to enhance power quality and power distribution reliability, microgrids need(More)
Machine to Machine (M2M), communication between the machines without or with the least-human involvement, is going to be an important part of life. Healthcare is one of the areas on which M2M is going to play major roles. At present time, healthcare sensors monitor patient information and notify remote doctors. However, if we can integrate more intelligence(More)
—We study the demand response (DR) of geo-distributed data centers (DCs) using a dynamic pricing scheme. Our proposed pricing scheme is constructed based on a formulated two-stage Stackelberg game where each utility sets a real-time price to maximize its own profit in Stage I; and based on these prices, the DCs' service provider minimizes its cost via(More)
Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) is one of technologies to enhance the spectrum utilization by allowing unlicensed users to exploit the spectrum in an opportunistic manner. In CRN, the spectrum handoff function is a necessary component to provide a resilient service for the unlicensed users. This function is used to discover spectrum holes in a licensed(More)
This paper presents a voltage control method using multiple distributed generators (DGs) based on a multi-agent system framework. The output controller of each DG is represented as a DG agent, and each voltage-monitoring device is represented as a monitoring agent. These agents cooperate to accomplish voltage regulation through a coordinating agent or(More)
This paper presents a method to seek the PI controller parameters of a PMSG wind turbine to improve control performance. Since operating conditions vary with the wind speed, therefore the PI controller parameters should be determined as a function of the wind speed. Small-signal modeling of a PMSG WT is implemented to analyze the stability under various(More)
This paper presents a new coherency identification method for dynamic reduction of a power system. To achieve dynamic reduction, coherency-based equivalence techniques divide generators into groups according to coherency, and then aggregate them. In order to minimize the changes in the dynamic response of the reduced equivalent system, coherency(More)
Traditional Internet is merely static, rather than flexible, which is demanded by Internet-Community. OpenFlow has opened the door of management of Internet in a more controlled way. In this context, we are motivated to manage OpenFlow in a more opportunistic way, which encourages flexible network-management by using experience, through trial and(More)
Internet has grown very rapidly in the last couple of decades and still growing because of the expansion and utilization of various services and applications. Consequently, demand of delay and throughput sensitive services, like audio/video is also increasing. Information Centric Networking (ICN) is proposed as an architecture for the future Internet to(More)