Seung-Ik Lee

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A conversational agent is an agent that interacts with users using natural language interface. Especially in Internet space, its role has been recently highlighted as a virtual representative of a web site. However, most conversational agents use simple pattern matching techniques for their answer without considering user goals and thus give user an(More)
In this paper, we evolve artificial neural networks (ANNs) with speciation and combine them with several methods. In general, an evolving system produces one optimal solution for a given problem. However, we argue that many other solutions exist in the final population, which can improve the overall performance. We propose a new method of evolving multiple(More)
Recently, there has been extensive work on the construction of fuzzy controllers for mobile robots by a genetic algorithm (GA); therefore, we can realize evolutionary optimization as a promising method for developing fuzzy controllers. However, much investigation on the evolutionary fuzzy controller remains because most of the previous works have not(More)
—In this paper we present the design, implementation, and performance analysis of Group-Aided Multicast (GAM), a scalable many-to-many reliable multicast transport protocol. GAM achieves high quality ACK trees while keeping the tree maintenance overhead reasonably low in the presence of dynamic group membership and route changes. It is supported by a group(More)
Explaining emergence is a difficult work such that there are many arguments on what it is or how it can be explained. Nonetheless, it is frequently referred in many fields such as behavior based robotics, artificial life, and complex systems without any on formal definition. In this paper, we develop a fuzzy logic controller for a simulated mobile robot(More)