Seung-Hyuk Lim

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We report on the fabrication of novel InGaN nanowires (NWs) with improved crystalline quality and high radiative efficiency for applications as nanoscale visible light emitters. Pristine InGaN NWs grown under a uniform In/Ga molar flow ratio (UIF) exhibited multi-peak white-like emission and a high density of dislocation-like defects. A phase separation and(More)
UNLABELLED We fabricated 8-in. Si nanocone (NC) arrays using a nanoimprint technique and investigated their optical characteristics. The NC arrays exhibited remarkable antireflection effects; the optical reflectance was less than 10% in the visible wavelength range. The photoluminescence intensity of the NC arrays was an order of magnitude larger than that(More)
Control of the growth front in three-dimensional (3D) hexagonal GaN core structures is crucial for increased performance of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), and other photonic devices. This is due to the fact that InGaN layers formed on different growth facets in 3D structures exhibit various band gaps which originate from differences in the(More)
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