Seung Hwan Park

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In the micro process such as semiconductor process, Variation of variables directly affects the quality of the end product. So, it is important to monitor and manage the fluctuations in the variable. At this time, the signal is generated. However, the signal has a moving average and non-uniform variance, and different lengths in specific portion. Also it(More)
In the post-fabrication process for semiconductors, it is critical to predict the yield. This process consists of a series of electrical and physical tests following semiconductor fabrication, tests that generate a significant volume of parametric data. While past research has investigated yield prediction using parametric test data, most studies have(More)
This work presents a new practical environment modeling for mobile robots in an unknown circumstance. To perform environment modeling, obstacles located in the circumstance should be detected using sensor data. Then some sensor fusion methods are used to model environment better. Environment modeling shown In this work is based on the heuristic sensor(More)
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