Seung-Hwan Baek

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The performance of depth reconstruction in binocular stereo relies on how adequate the predefined baseline for a target scene is. Wide-baseline stereo is capable of discriminating depth better than the narrow-baseline stereo, but it often suffers from spatial artifacts. Narrow-baseline stereo can provide a more elaborate depth map with fewer artifacts,(More)
In this paper, an arm trajectory generation method based on the Rapidly-Exploring Random Tree Star (RRT*) is proposed for hu-manoid robot. The RRT* is one of anytime motion planning algorithms. The RRT* adopts the three fundamental components from the RRT, the preceding version of RRT*: the state variables, local planner, and cost function. The end effector(More)
Humanoid robot requires a robust prevention system against external disturbances to protect itself from falling to the ground and to perform its tasks completely. In this paper, a Falling Prevention System for humanoid robot is proposed to avoid falling from the disturbances, and helps humanoid robot recover its balance from external force by taking a step.(More)
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