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This paper demonstrates a reliable navigation of a mobile robot in outdoor environment. We fuse differential GPS and odometry data using the framework of extended Kalman filter to localize a mobile robot. And also, we propose an algorithm to detect curbs through the laser range finder. An important feature of road environment is the existence of curbs. The(More)
X-chromosome inactivation (XCI) is an epigenetic process that equalizes expression of X-borne genes between male and female eutherians. This process is observed in early eutherian embryo development in a species-specific manner. Until recently, various pluripotent factors have been suggested to regulate the process of XCI by repressing XIST expression,(More)
Class III β-tubulin (TUBB3) is a prognostic marker in various tumors, but the role of TUBB3 in advanced gastric cancer is not clearly defined. We analyzed the significance of TUBB3 expression, along with that of excision repair cross-complementation group 1 (ERCC1) in recurrent and metastatic gastric cancer patients receiving taxane-based first-line(More)
It is well known that the cost of executing the sequential portion of a program will limit and sometimes even eclipse the gains brought by processing in parallel the rest of the program. This means that serious consideration should be brought to bear on accelerating the execution of this unavoidable sequential part. Such acceleration can be done by boosting(More)
Previously, hiding operation stalls is one of the important issues to suppress performance degradation of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). In this paper, we first conduct a detailed study of factors affecting the operation stalls in terms of the fetch group size on the warp scheduler. Throughout this paper, we find that the size of fetch group is highly(More)
—Reducing memory access conflicts is a crucial part of the design of Transactional Memory (TM) systems since the number of running threads increases and long latency transactions gradually appear: without an efficient contention management, there will be repeated aborts and wasteful rollback operations. In this paper, we present a dynamic backoff control(More)
PURPOSE Locally advanced esophageal cancers are generally treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy, followed by surgery in operable candidates. However, even if the patients were diagnosed as operable disease, surgery could not be performed on patients with poor condition or other comorbidity. In this case, definitive chemoradiotherapy (dCRT) is the other(More)