Seung-Hun Kim

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This paper demonstrates a reliable navigation of a mobile robot in outdoor environment. We fuse differential GPS and odometry data using the framework of extended Kalman filter to localize a mobile robot. And also, we propose an algorithm to detect curbs through the laser range finder. An important feature of road environment is the existence of curbs. The(More)
This letter proposes a multithreaded pattern matching algorithm which can efficiently distribute the patterns to be searched on multiple threads to achieve rapid pattern matching operation. The proposed idea is designed to fully exploit thread-level parallelism to enhance searching speed. By distributing a large number of patterns over multiple threads,(More)
Conventional Transactional Memory (TM) systems may experience performance degradation in applications with high contention, given the fact that execution of transaction will frequently restart due to conflicts. The restarting of transaction essentially requires rollback that is a wasteful operation. To address this point, we developed a system to reduce the(More)
Previously, hiding operation stalls is one of the important issues to suppress performance degradation of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). In this paper, we first conduct a detailed study of factors affecting the operation stalls in terms of the fetch group size on the warp scheduler. Throughout this paper, we find that the size of fetch group is highly(More)
Two main problems prevent a parallel garbage collection (GC) scheme with lock-based synchronization from providing a high level of scalability: the load imbalance and the runtime overhead of thread synchronization operations. These problems become even more serious as the number of available threads increases. We propose the Mark-Sharing algorithm to(More)
Since the video object tracking system with conventional single fixed camera commonly employs the camera with limited field of view (FOV), tracking cannot continue if the object being tracked swerves off the related FOV in part or in whole. To address such problems, studies based on wide area FOV -which may enable the surveillance of a wider area -have been(More)
It is well known that the cost of executing the sequential portion of a program will limit and sometimes even eclipse the gains brought by processing in parallel the rest of the program. This means that serious consideration should be brought to bear on accelerating the execution of this unavoidable sequential part. Such acceleration can be done by boosting(More)