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OBJECTIVE We wanted to evaluate the role of the arterial phase (AP) together with the portal venous phase (PP) scans in the diagnosis of Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome (FHCS) with using computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-five patients with FHCS and 25 women presenting with non-specifically diagnosed acute abdominal pain and who underwent(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the relationship between a number of clinically relevant variables and sonographic imaging data in respect to the level of impairment experienced in the affected and unaffected shoulders of hemiplegic stroke patients. METHOD Fifty-one hemiplegic stroke patients (32 males, 19 females; 29 right-sided hemiplegics, 22 left-sided(More)
Spontaneous regression of intra-abdominal cystic tumors in adults is unusual. Here, we present the case of an apparently spontaneous regression of a large intra-abdominal cystic mass found in the postpartum period of an 18-year-old woman. The regression was demonstrated using serial computed tomography (CT) examinations over a two-year period.
Various manifestations of brain involvement for patients with virus-associated hemophagocytic syndrome have been reported. Here, we report on the sequential magnetic resonance (MR) findings of acute demyelination of the entire brain with subsequent brain atrophy in a follow-up study of a 25-month- old boy who was admitted with fever and then diagnosed with(More)
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