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Nanostructured carbon materials are potentially of great technological interest for the development of electronic, catalytic and hydrogen-storage systems. Here we describe a general strategy for the synthesis of highly ordered, rigid arrays of nanoporous carbon having uniform but tunable diameters (typically 6 nanometres inside and 9 nanometres outside).(More)
OBJECTIVES To provide a quantitative analysis of ultrasonographic measurements and possible pathophysiology of carpal tunnel syndrome by comparing cross-sectional areas of the median nerve, carpal tunnel, and nerve/tunnel index and the difference in ultrasonographic findings between affected and nonaffected hands and between sexes. DESIGN Blinded(More)
Between February 1997 and December 2001, 311 adult-to-adult living donor liver transplants (A-A LDLTs) were performed at the Asan Medical Center for patients above 20 years of age. Indications for A-A LDLT were: chronic hepatitis B (203), chronic hepatitis C (5), hepatocellular carcinoma (64), alcoholic cirrhosis (9), cryptogenic cirrhosis (4), secondary(More)
The INK4A locus encodes two tumor suppressor genes, p16(INK4A) and p14(ARF), transcribed using alternative exons 1alpha or 1beta spliced onto the same exons 2 and 3. Both p16(INK4A) and p14(ARF) are capable of inhibiting the cell-cycle progression, albeit in different manner; p16(INK4A) is phosphorylation of retinoblastoma (pRB) dependent while p14(ARF) is(More)
High-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) was carried out in 36 patients with congenital left-to-right shunt disease and 10 normal control subjects to assess the feasibility of CT in the evaluation of pulmonary hemodynamics. The patients had a left-to-right or a bidirectional shunt and the hemodynamic data obtained by cardiac catheterization in these(More)
Rib tuberculosis is an extremely rare condition with the incidence not exceeding 3 percent of all skeletal tuberculosis. The authors experienced a recalcitrant case of pulmonary tuberculosis accompanied by chest wall cold abscesses involving ribs recurring at a new site in approximately 10 months despite of medical and surgical treatment. The patient has(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to determine if a rectal distention using warm water may improve the accuracy of MRI for the preoperative staging of rectal carcinoma. SUBJECTS AND METHODS. Sixty-two patients with surgically proven rectal carcinomas underwent pelvic MRI before and after a rectal distention by warm water. Four radiologists, who were(More)
OBJECTIVE We wanted to evaluate the role of the arterial phase (AP) together with the portal venous phase (PP) scans in the diagnosis of Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome (FHCS) with using computed tomography (CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty-five patients with FHCS and 25 women presenting with non-specifically diagnosed acute abdominal pain and who underwent(More)
Intussusception following gastric surgery is a rare postoperative complication. It may develop in clinical situations following gastroenterostomy, Billroth II gastric surgery with or without Braun anastomosis, or Roux-en-Y gastrojejunostomy. The patients may present with either an acute surgical emergency or with a chronic, relapsing form. The mortality may(More)