Seung-Heon Lee

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The high-power broadband terahertz (THz) generator is an essential tool for a wide range of THz applications. Here, we present a novel highly efficient electro-optic quinolinium single crystal for THz wave generation. For obtaining intense and broadband THz waves by optical-to-THz frequency conversion, a quinolinium crystal was developed to fulfill all the(More)
This research aims at model development for incident detection and travel time estimation using a neuro-fuzzy algorithm. Traffic incidents such as accidents, weather and construction, are a major cause of congestion. Thus incident detection and optimal travel time estimation is required for improving general traffic conditions. Until recently, two(More)
Digital watermarking is an insertion technique where specific data that represents copyrights and ownership of multimedia contents such as audio, video, image and texts are inserted, which is a method to prevent illegal distribution, or copying of the product without proper authorization from maker or owner. In this research, unlike the existing image(More)
This study was conducted to assess the feasibility of image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) for orthotopic 4T1 mouse mammary tumor using linear accelerator (LINAC). Eighteen Balb/C mice were inoculated with 4T1 cells on left mammary fat pad and nine of them were irradiated using LINAC. Tumors, planning target volumes (PTV), bowels adjacent to tumors, bones and(More)
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