Seung H. Nam

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In this paper, we present a speech enhancement method as a pre-processor in a car environment. For the friendly and safe use of the voice commander in a running car, non-stationary audio signals such as music and non-candidate speech should be reduced. Our technique is a two microphone-based one. It consists of two parts, i.e., blind source separation (BSS)(More)
We present a new speech enhancement algorithm in a car environment with two microphones. The car audio signals and other background noises are the target noises to be suppressed. Our algorithm is composed of two main parts, i.e., the spatial and the temporal processes. The multi-channel blind deconvolution (MBD) is applied to the spatial process while the(More)
Absmct-The smoothed residual-driven (SRD) algorithm was devised recently to adapt the short-term predictor coefficients in low-delay speech coders. This algorithm uses a smoothed version of the prediction residual for coefficient adaptation to provide good-quality speech while maintaining robustness to channel errors. The SRD algorithm is further(More)
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