Seung Eun Lee

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Contention in performance-critical shared resources affects performance and quality-of-service (QoS) significantly. While this issue has been studied recently in CMP architectures, the same problem exists in SoC architectures where the challenge is even more severe due to the contention of shared resources between programmable cores and fixed-function IP(More)
MET, a cell surface receptor for hepatocyte growth factor, is involved in the development of triple-negative/basal-like breast cancer (TNBC/BLBC). However, its utility as a therapeutic target in this subtype of breast cancer is poorly understood. To evaluate MET fully as a potential therapeutic target for TNBC/BLBC, we investigated the relationship between(More)
Recently Network-on-Chip (NoC) technique has been proposed as a promising solution for on-chip interconnection network. However, different interface specification of integrated components raises a considerable difficulty for adopting NoC techniques. In this paper, we present a generic architecture for network interface (NI) and associated wrappers for a(More)
KRAS, BRAF, and PIK3CA mutation testing before administration of anti-epidermal growth factor receptor therapy of metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC) has become important. However, considerable uncertainty exists regarding which detection method can be applied in a reproducible, sensitive, and simple manner in the routine diagnostic setting. We compared the(More)
Although the technology scaling has enabled designers to integrate a large number of processors onto a single chip realizing chip multi-processor (CMP), problems arising from technology scaling have made power reduction an important design issue. Since interconnection networks dissipate a significant portion of the total system power budget, it is desirable(More)
Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) is an emerging visual computing application for the mobile internet device (MID). In one MAR usage model, the user points the handheld device to an object (like a wine bottle or a building) and the MID automatically recognizes and displays information regarding the object. Achieving this in software on the handheld requires(More)
In an SoC, building local storage in each accelerator is area inefficient due to the low average utilization. In this paper, we present design and implementation of Buffer-integrated-Caching (BiC), which allows many buffers to be instantiated simultaneously in caches. BiC enables cores to view portions of the SRAM as cache while accelerators access other(More)
The computational performance of Network-on-Chip (NoC) and Multi-Processor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) for implementing cryptographic block ciphers can be improved by exploiting parallel and pipeline execution. In this paper, we present a parallel and pipeline processing method for block cipher algorithms: Data Encryption Standard (DES), Triple-DES Algorithm(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES We sought to determine whether high-dose aspirin is necessary for the acute therapy of Kawasaki disease (KD) in the intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) era. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Two groups of KD patients treated during the different periods were included. Study group (n=51, treated with IVIG without concomitant use of aspirin in(More)