Seung-Eun Hong

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The 57-66GHz millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum has been dramatically drawing interest due to the worldwide availability of the extremely wide and unlicensed bandwidth which enable us to build up multi-gigabit wireless system (MGWS). The MGWS provides the opportunity to deliver high-quality uncompressed video wirelessly. In order to realize the uncompressed(More)
Today, MIMO has become an indispensable scheme for providing significant spectral efficiency in wireless communication and for future wireless system, recently, it goes to two extremes: massive MIMO and single-RF MIMO. This paper, which is put in the latter, utilizes load-modulated arrays with only reactance loads for single-RF transmission of spatially(More)
A Dual Connectivity architecture has been proposed by 3GPP for enhancement of small cells in long term evolution heterogeneous networks. A Master eNodeB (MeNB) handles handovers on behalf of the Mobility Management Entity (MME) and the Serving Gateway (SGW) for secondary eNodeBs (SeNB) located within the coverage of MeNB. Workloads of the MME and the SGW(More)
Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) is a telecommunications technology that uses radio spectrum to transmit bandwidth between digital devices. WiMAX has the ability to transmit large amount of data to large distance. The IEEE standard for WiMAX defines an adaptive modulation framework which allows a WiMAX system to communicate with(More)
Heterogeneous network, which consists of macro-cells and small cells, is actively researched in Long Term Evolution (LTE) area. The present handover procedure is not considered for the heterogeneous network environment. As the coverage of a small cell is limited, more frequent handovers occur. Therefore, workloads of a Mobility Management Entity (MME) and a(More)
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