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The 57-66GHz millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum has been dramatically drawing interest due to the worldwide availability of the extremely wide and unlicensed bandwidth which enable us to build up multi-gigabit wireless system (MGWS). The MGWS provides the opportunity to deliver high-quality uncompressed video wirelessly. In order to realize the uncompressed(More)
Mobile WiMAX is emerging as one of the most promising systems for 4<sup>th</sup> generation mobile wireless networks where mobile TV services are foreseen to be proliferated. These applications are bandwidth hogs which cause a challenging capacity problem. To address this challenge, a novel mobile TV services over WiMAX network, called wireless switched(More)
—Today, MIMO has become an indispensable scheme for providing significant spectral efficiency in wireless communication and for future wireless system, recently, it goes to two extremes: massive MIMO and single-RF MIMO. This paper, which is put in the latter, utilizes load-modulated arrays with only reactance loads for single-RF transmission of spatially(More)
This study intended to review the precedents on plastic surgery medical malpractice lawsuits in lower-court trials, classify the reasons of 'limitation of liability' by type, and suggest a standard in the acknowledgement of limitation of liability ratio. The 30 lower-court's rulings on the cases bearing the medical negligence of the defendants acknowledged(More)
random access parameters such as the lengths of the access regions dedicated to respective service traffic and the corresponding permission probabilities, on a frame-by-frame basis. In addition, we have adopted a terminal-assisted random access mechanism where the voice terminal readjusts a global permission probability from the central controller in order(More)