Seung Eel Oh

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Kinetic information during human gait can be estimated with inverse dynamics, which is based on anthropometric, kinematic, and ground reaction data. While collecting ground reaction data with a force plate is useful, it is costly and requires regulated space. The goal of this study was to propose a new, accurate methodology for predicting ground reaction(More)
The goal of this study was to predict gait speed over the entire cycle in reference to plantar pressure data acquired by means of the insole-type plantar pressure measuring device (Novel Pedar-x system). To predict gait speed, the artificial neural network is adopted to develop the model to predict gait speed in the stance phase (Model I) and the model to(More)
BACKGROUND During a golf swing, analysis of the movement in upper torso and pelvis is a key step to determine a motion control strategy for accurate and consistent shots. However, a majority of previous studies that have evaluated this movement limited their analysis only to the rotational movement of segments, and translational motions were not examined.(More)
In general, three-dimensional ground reaction forces (GRFs) and ground reaction moments (GRMs) that occur during human gait are measured using a force plate, which are expensive and have spatial limitations. Therefore, we proposed a prediction model for GRFs and GRMs, which only uses plantar pressure information measured from insole pressure sensors with a(More)
A switched substrate-shield inductor (SSI) topology in bulk CMOS is proposed which minimizes parasitic capacitance and substrate losses, while tuned magnetically induced currents facilitate inductor tunability. The high frequency behavior of the induced current is analyzed, resulting in intuitive insights and design guidelines for a high-performance SSI. An(More)
In this study, we describe a method to predict 6-axis ground reaction forces based solely on plantar pressure (PP) data obtained from insole type measurement devices free of space limitations. Because only vertical force is calculable from PP data, a wavelet neural network derived from a non-linear mapping function was used to obtain 3-axis ground reaction(More)
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