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The Timed Self-injurious Behavior Scale is an observational scale rating the frequency of 16 types of self-injurious behaviors during each 10-sec. interval of a 10-min. observation period. Advantages of the scale are utilization of direct observation and independence from the variable recollection of symptoms by subjects and care givers. 19 videotaped(More)
A boy with autistic disorder and severe mental retardation developed severe dyskinesias, including objective akathisia (probable) and tics, a month after discontinuation of at least two years of treatment with drugs block dopamine receptors. These dyskinesias greatly subsided during a 17-wk. open-label nonblind clinical trial of clomipramine, and returned(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify adverse health effects due to air pollution derived from a cement plant in Korea. The ventilation impairment in residents around a cement plant was compared to another group through a pulmonary function test (PFT). METHODS From June to August of 2013, both a pre and post-bronchodilator PFT was conducted on a "more exposed group(More)
To investigate the compliance of family members with the treatment recommended for patients, three child and adolescent psychiatrists assessed the charts of all active outpatients in a developmental disabilities clinic in the psychiatric department of a tertiary care municipal hospital utilizing a Family Compliance Checklist, a survey form for chart review,(More)
BACKGROUND To identify adverse pulmonary health effects due to air pollution derived from a cement plant in Korea. The emphysema prevalence in residents around a cement plant was compared to that in the group who live far away from the plant by chest films (PA and lateral view) and high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) lung images. METHODS From June(More)
In this paper we investigate the determinants of municipal labour demand in Sweden 1988-1995. Utilising a major grant reform in 1993, through which a switch from mainly targeted to mainly general central government grants occurred, we are able to identify which type of grants that have the largest effects on municipal employment. We find a larger municipal(More)
Many procedures with variable validity and reliability have been developed in research settings to evaluate adventitious movements and related phenomena in specific populations, e.g., people with schizophrenia treated with dopamine antagonists, but these only provide global assessments or rate specific movements. A battery for rating individuals with(More)
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