Seun Sangodoyin

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—Roundtrip time-of-arrival (ToA) measurements employing ultra-wideband (UWB) signals can provide high-precision ranging information. However, the accuracy is degraded by multiuser interference (MUI), in particular in the presence of multipath propagation. While the processing gain of time-hopping impulse radio (TH-IR) can be used to suppress the MUI, this(More)
—There has been an increasing interest in Full-Dimension (FD) MIMO, i.e., exploiting the elevation domain (in addition to the azimuth domain) for increasing the capacity of multi-antenna systems. A first prerequisite for designing FD MIMO is an understanding of the elevation characteristics of wireless propagation channels, in particular elevation at the(More)
—Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology is a good candidate to provide accurate position information indoors and in dense urban environments where Global Positioning System (GPS) is usually not reliable. This paper provides the results of a UWB ranging measurement campaign carried out in a dense urban environment. Measurements were taken with two different antenna(More)
—3-dimensional Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (3D MIMO) systems have received great interest recently because of the spatial diversity advantage and capability for full-dimensional beamforming, making them promising candidates for practical realization of massive MIMO. For 3D MIMO system design, it is important to have full characterization of the 3D MIMO(More)
Ultra-wideband propagation measurement results for body area network scenarios are presented. We assumed several different scenarios for around-body and on-body propagations, and for each scenario, we conducted both time domain and frequency domain measurements in an anechoic chamber. For the around-body case, we investigated the effects of human body parts(More)
Background • A Real-time Ultrawideband Channel Sounding experiment was to performed to enable the remote detection of the vital signs of human subjects as well as the tracking of mobile targets in a dynamic environment. • We present a description of the measurement setup and results obtained. • We conclude that our real-time UWB MIMO Channel sounding(More)
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