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The surface adsorption of calcium hydroxide onto kaolin and metakaolin was investigated by monitoring with atomic emission spectroscopy and pH measurements the amounts of ions left in solution after exposing clays to calcium hydroxide solutions of various concentrations. Both clays adsorb calcium and hydroxyl ions but differently. Kaolin adsorbs calcium(More)
Erratum After publication of the original article [1] it was brought to our attention that some of the authors’ final corrections were not incorporated in the online version of the paper. 1. In the ‘Background’ section, third paragraph, “Wold Health Organisation” has been corrected to “World Health Organisation”. 2. In Table 1, under column ‘Description of(More)
BACKGROUND Safe management of faeces (SMoF) and environmental contamination by faecal pathogens have been extensively researched although the SMoF in under-five children has been perennially neglected perhaps due to the misconception that it is harmless. This research, therefore, studied the situation, to determine the magnitude and dimensions of the(More)
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