Seulki Kang

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Building an interactive virtual environment may involve diverse modules for performing various tasks like handling a group of interaction devices, multimodal/multi-cluster rendering displays as well multipurpose simulations. This requires a fine-grain sharing of inter-module states. Previously, this fine-grain control can only be achieved through hardware(More)
Stretchable energy storage systems are essential for the realization of implantable and epidermal electronics. However, high-performance stretchable supercapacitors have received less attention because currently available processing techniques and material structures are too limited to overcome the trade-off relationship among electrical conductivity,(More)
This main target of this paper is to present an interaction model allowing the user to feel immersed to the VR content with a storytelling factor. The storytelling factor allows the user to be presented with a series of interaction environment in a narrative form about the task domain. Finding out about how the VR content can be delivered in a more(More)
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