Setsuya Kurahashi

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TRURL is an agent-based simulation environment, which is designed to analyze social interactions among agents including software and people in community computing. The unique characteristics of TRURL are summarized as follows: (1) Unlike conventional simulation systems, TRURL has so many predetermined and acquired parameters with which TRURL is able to(More)
The integration of genetic algorithms (GAs) and tabu search is one of traditional problems in function optimization in the GA literature. However, most proposed methods have utilized genetic algorithms to explore global candidates and tabu search to exploit local optimal points. Unlike such methods so far, this paper proposes a new algorithm to directly(More)
In this paper, following our previous work on civil service examinations in imperial China, we investigate women's role in a Chinese historical family line using an agent-based simulation (ABS) model with a grid oriented genetic algorithm (GOGA) framework. We utilize a GOGA framework, because our ABS had such large parameter spaces with real values that it(More)
This paper proposes a group-based image retrieval methodology for video annotation systems. Although the wide spread use of video camera recorders has increased the demand for an automated annotation system for personal videos, conventional image retrieval methods cannot achieve enough accuracy to be used as an annotation engine. Personal video's degraded(More)
Consumer behavior researches whose main subjects were an electronic payment and a web-based social networking service described their diffusion processes by word-of-mouth dissemination among consumers. The role of market mavens, a type of consumers who spread their capricious knowledge widely, was characteristic in this process. The agent-based simulation(More)