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An environmental friendly palm-grease has already been formulated from modified RBDPO (Refined Bleach Deodorized Palm Oil) as base oil and lithium soap as thickener. Such palm-grease is dedicated for general application and or equipment working in areas where biodegradability is required such as in agriculture, forestry and coastal marine, recreation areas.(More)
Due to their high biodegradability, non-toxicity and higher fire safety guarantee, vegetable-based oils are considered today as a potential substitute for mineral and synthetic liquids for electrical insulation and especially in high voltage power transformers. However most of known vegetable oils are derived from food materials (rape-seeds, sunflower,(More)
The novel tubular V-collector (TVC) with the flexible reflecting angles was constructed and evaluated for phenol removal from aqueous solutions over TiO -activated carbon (Ti/AC) composites. The composites 2 consisted of TiO photocatalyst and activated carbon adsorbent were prepared by mixing TiO (Degussa P-25) 2 2 sol and activated carbon powder and(More)
Due to their dielectric strength, viscosity and oxidation stability, mineral oils have been used for more than one hundred years ago as insulation liquid in high voltage equipment. However, mineral oils are non-renewable materials and have a low level biodegradability; their level of biodegradability is not more than 30 %. For that purpose, the development(More)
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