Setiawan Assegaff

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Knowledge Management Systems as socio-technical system perspectives has recognized for decades. Practitioners and scholars belief Knowledge Management is best carried out throught the optimization both technological and social-aspect. Lacking of understand and consider both aspects could lead organizations in misinterpretation while developing and(More)
This paper discusses development and validation of an instrument that will use to examine knowledge contributor's behaviour in acceptance of Knowledge Management System (KMS). The instrument is one part of the research that conducts to understand KMS acceptance of knowledge contributor. The instrument is conceptually developed based on the technology(More)
Most companies realize the knowledge sharing will give value to the organization. In ensuring knowledge sharing activities more reliable, effective and efficient, many companies have developed Knowledge Management System (KMS) as their knowledge sharing initiatives. Knowledge Management System would not make any different in term of advantages of knowledge(More)
The aim of this study is to develop a conceptual model that could use to understanding the role of organizational factors in KMS acceptance. Theory Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) along with organizational factors are using in develop the conceptual model for this study. Study was conducted by collected and analysis relevant article in this area. Variable(More)
This study investigates the conceptual model that has been used to measure the acceptance of e-learning technology applied in higher education. We conducted literature review study by collecting the papers from reputable journals. We used recognize database journal such as Google scholar, ProQuest, EBSCOhost, and IEEE to collect the articles. E-learning(More)
This research is focus to identify factors related with people barriers when contributing their knowledge through virtual communities. We apply literature review study as main approach for research method. We collected articles from reputable database journals such as Emerald, IEEExplore, Google Scholar and ProQuest, we using term/keyword “barriers(More)
ICT development is currently so fast, these developments affect the developing technology in all aspects, to the development of agriculture. Where the development of ICT transform traditional agriculture to modern. The purpose of this paper is to survey and analyze the available literature on Trend of Information technology in E-agriculture and also to(More)
Knowledge Management System was recognized as one of the key enablers in a Knowledge Management initiative. This is because KMS have been prove bring value for Knowledge Management initiatives such as eliminate distance and time barriers. Furthermore KMS also made KM more effective for the organization. As general KMS have two main functions, first managing(More)
One of critical challenge in knowledge management success is to motivate people share their knowledge to others. Prior’s research reveals that motivation as primary driver for people to perform knowledge sharing. Previous study also indicated people influenced by internal (intrinsic) and external (extrinsic) motivation when perform the knowledge sharing.(More)
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