Sethurajan Sukumar

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Breast cancer continues to be a major health problem for women in the USA and worldwide. There is a need to identify and take steps to alter modifiable breast cancer risks. Conditions of obesity and overweight are risk factors that have reached epidemic proportions. This article reviews the evidence in the literature that test mechanism-based hypotheses(More)
Leptospirosis is a major problem of dairy farms in Tamilnadu, India, resulting in abortions, stillbirths and infertility. Serologic and genetic analyses of samples from cattle, humans and rodents were performed in order to estimate infection prevalence and identify leptospiral species. Five hundred and fifteen sera and 76 urine samples were collected from(More)
Although Gerstmann's syndrome has been well documented since it was characterised in the latter half of last century, there has not been much literature on it in the last few years. We present a classical case in a patient who was admitted into hospital for an unrelated problem. We conclude that clinical examination still has a valuable role in neurology,(More)
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