Sethu Selvi

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Image registration is a fundamental topic in image processing and has a wide variety of applications in computer vision. It is the process of matching two or more images taken at different times from different sensors or from different viewpoints, so that the matched coordinate points in the two images correspond to the same physical region of the scene(More)
Ever increasing wireless services and networks results in spectrum scarcity. But already allocated spectrum is in under utilization in the current static fixed spectrum allocation method .So dynamic spectrum access is only solution for this issue .Spectrum sensing is one of the key technique in cognitive radio for dynamic spectrum access. There are many(More)
In this paper, blind image separation is performed, exploiting the property of sparseness to represent images. A new sparse representation called forward difference method is proposed. It is known that most of the independent component analysis (ICA) basis functions, extracted from images are sparse and gives unreliable sparseness measure. In the proposed(More)
Spectrum sensing is one of the main research issues under wireless communication for dynamic spectrum sharing .there are many spectrum sensing algorithm proposed in literature each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among the algorithms emery detector based spectrum sensing is less complex and adapted in wireless standard. The issues in the(More)
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