Seth van Hooland

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Unstructured metadata fields such as ‘description’ offer tremendous value for users to understand cultural heritage objects. However, this type of narrative information is of little direct use within a machine-readable context due to its unstructured nature. This paper explores the possibilities and limitations of Named-Entity Recognition (NER) and Term(More)
We have developed an application called Wikipedia Live Monitor that monitors article edits on different language versions of Wikipedia--as they happen in realtime. Wikipedia articles in different languages are highly interlinked. For example, the English article "en:2013_Russian_meteor_event" on the topic of the February 15 meteoroid that exploded over the(More)
The concept of Linked Data has made its entrance in the cultural heritage sector due to its potential use for the integration of heterogeneous collections and deriving additional value out of existing metadata. However, practitioners and researchers alike need a better understanding of what outcome they can reasonably expect of the reconciliation process(More)
The changing role of the user, that gradually shifts from a passive consumer of information towards a pro-active user that reorganises and manipulates data, has an increasing impact on traditional information retrieval. A multitude of practical and methodic questions rise as popular web-applications such as blogs, RSS and social bookmarking tools allow(More)
Purpose – This paper seeks to analyse the opportunities and potential risks for libraries applying for European support to fund projects regarding digitisation or availability of their already digitised content. The European Commission has a range of specific funding programs devoted to access, use and preservation of digital cultural heritage, so libraries(More)
This article challenges common assumptions and opinions regarding the use of the social web by cultural heritage institutions by framing the phenomenon of user-generated metadata within the larger context of the commodification and the engagement process of our cultural heritage. Theoretical reflections on both the negative and positive long-term outcomes(More)