Seth R. Thompson

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BACKGROUND We analyzed the impact of pretreatment variants conferring boceprevir-resistance on sustained virologic response (SVR) rates achieved with boceprevir plus peginterferon-α/ribavirin (P/R) for hepatitis C virus (HCV)-genotype-1 infection. METHODS NS3-protease-polymorphisms emerging coincident with virologic failure on boceprevir/P/R regimens were(More)
Cancer sera have higher levels of serum protein-bound fucose than sera from healthy individuals. In an attempt to identify the cause of this increase, fucoproteins were extracted from the sera of cancer patients and healthy individuals using a fucose-specific lectin (lotus tetragonolobus) coupled to Sepharose, and were analysed by polyacrylamide gel(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of incorporating a novel wound angiogenesis assay into a Phase I study of BMS-275291, a broad-spectrum matrix metalloproteinase inhibitor, and to determine whether the wound angiogenesis assay was able to detect the inhibition of angiogenesis in patients treated with BMS-275291. (More)
We have discovered modified fucosylation of alpha 1-antitrypsin (F-AT) in the sera of ovarian cancer patients. This was detected by SDS/electrophoresis and silver-staining after extracting the sera with the fucose-binding lectin, Lotus tetragonolobus, and was identified as alpha 1-antitrypsin by Western blotting. Initially, high F-AT levels appeared to be(More)
A previous study has shown that there are high levels of an abnormally-fucosylated form of haptoglobin (FHp) in the blood of cancer patients (Thompson & Turner, 1987b). In this study, we investigated the expression of this substance in serial blood specimens from women with ovarian or breast cancer who were undergoing cytotoxic chemotherapy. The level of(More)
FOREWORD As a first semester graduate student, the first author was asked to teach an introductory course at a major land grant university in the fall of 1982. Approximately halfway through the semester, a full-time faculty member made a classroom observation. Other than a 'teaching course' consisting of such words of wisdom as " always curve your grades so(More)
The cyber world is a complex domain, with digital systems mediating a wide spectrum of human and machine behaviors. While this is enabling a revolution in the way humans interact with each other and data, it also is exposing previously unreachable infrastructure to a worldwide set of actors. Existing solutions for intrusion detection and prevention that are(More)
As cyber attacks on enterprise systems and critical infrastructure increase in prevalence and severity, persistent presence of adversaries in these systems is a common theme. While there are many efforts and tools focused on locating and removing adversaries from cyber systems, there is an increasing need for automated, steerable response that happens in(More)
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