Seth Pellegrino

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The tensegrity concept has long been considered as a basis for lightweight and compact packaging deployable structures, but very few studies are available. This paper presents a complete design study of a deployable tensegrity mast with all the steps involved: initial form-finding, structural analysis, manufacturing and deployment. Closed-form solutions are(More)
Both the mesolimbic dopamine system, which is involved with the rewarding properties of several drugs of abuse, and the nigrostriatal dopamine system, which is involved with motor function, appear to be sensitive to the effects of ethanol. In order to determine which components of the mesolimbic and nigrostriatal dopamine systems are adversely affected by(More)
An implementation of load-path topology optimisation is presented which enables the synthesis of lattice-based compliant structures (with both distributed and concentrated compliance) using the existing functionality of SAMCEF and BOSS-quattro. A case study concerning the design of a compliant aircraft wing leading edge is used to illustrate the technique(More)
The paper shows that the behaviour of mechanical systems subject to unilateral constraints differs from that of standard systems in subtle and yet important ways; therefore a proper theoretical formulation is required for simulating their behaviour. After showing that the equilibrium equations for a multibody system subject to unilateral constraints have(More)
The paper presents a simulation of the deployment/retraction of a solid surface deployable reflector recently developed at Cambridge University. The simulation takes proper account of the contacts that can develop between panels of adjacent wings of the reflector, by implementing the theory for tracing the equilibrium path of a mechanical system with(More)