Seth Napora

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Collective motion of a multi-vehicle testbed has applications in weather monitoring and ocean sampling. Previous work in this field has produced theoretically justified algorithms for stabilization of parallel and circular motions of self-propelled particles using measurements of relative position and relative velocity. This paper describes an(More)
The Synthetic Collective Unmanned Underwater Laboratory (SCUUL) testbed is a multi-vehicle testbed that is used to evaluate the performance of underwater motion coordination algorithms in a dynamic environment. The SCUUL testbed consists of six propellor-driven vehicles, a 367,000 gallon tank, and an underwater motion capture system. The tank is the Neutral(More)
Title of Document: IMAGE-GUIDED PRECISION MANIPULATION OF CELLS AND NANOPARTICLES IN MICROFLUIDICS Zachary Cummins, Doctor of Philosophy, 2016 Directed By: Professor Benjamin Shapiro, Fischell Department of Bioengineering Manipulation of single cells and particles is important to biology and nanotechnology. Our electrokinetic (EK) tweezers manipulate(More)
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