Seth Matton

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PURPOSE To compare the biokinetics of Pu and Am in rat after inhalation of PuO2 and two (U, Pu) mixed oxides (MOX), referred to as MIMAS and SOLGEL. MATERIALS AND METHODS Lung clearance was measured in vivo by X-and y-ray spectrometry. Retention of Pu and Am in femurs, liver and kidneys was measured by alpha-spectrometry. RESULTS Observed lung clearance(More)
BACKGROUND AND OVERVIEW Routine dental care for people with autism spectrum disorders can be complex. There is little published on postoperative behavioral changes associated with use of general anesthetics in this population. CASE DESCRIPTION The authors describe postoperative behavioral changes in 2 patients with autism spectrum disorder and attention(More)
An unusual twin pregnancy was diagnosed echographically at 18 weeks gestation and confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging. One foetus was in a pseudo unicornis uterus and the other in a rudimentary uterus cornu. The risk in such cases, as also reported in the literature, is rupture of the rudimentary cornu at about 20 weeks gestation. In this case the(More)
The potential of fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) to stimulate osteoprogenitors in aging bone was investigated. Previous work showed a decrease in bone formation in cell cultures derived from bone of elderly female patients, but not in cells from age-matched male or younger female patients, with transforming growth factor β increasing bone formation but(More)
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