Seth L. Feinberg

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Mortality: The Case of the 1995 Chicago Heat Wave We draw on recent ethnographic work and developments in neighborhood theory in an effort to explain differences in mortality across neighborhoods during the July, 1995 Chicago heat wave. Using 1990 Census data, Illinois Department of Public Health mortality data, and data from the Project on Human(More)
Mutation is a central biological process whose rates and spectra are influenced by a variety of complex and interacting forces. Although DNA repair pathways are generally known to play key roles in maintaining genetic stability, much remains to be understood about the relative roles of different pathways in preventing the accumulation of mutations and the(More)
Although it is clear that postreplicative DNA mismatch repair (MMR) plays a critical role in maintaining genomic stability in nearly all forms of life surveyed, much remains to be understood about the genome-wide impact of MMR on spontaneous mutation processes and the extent to which MMR-deficient mutation patterns vary among species. We analyzed(More)
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