Seth Johnson

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Validation of clinical biomarkers and response to therapy is a challenging topic in cancer research. An important source of information for virtual validation is the datasets generated from multi-center cancer research projects such as The Cancer Genome Atlas project (TCGA). These data enable investigation of genetic and epigenetic changes responsible for(More)
Automated protein function prediction methods are needed to keep pace with high-throughput sequencing. With the existence of many programs and databases for inferring different protein functions, a pipeline that properly integrates these resources will benefit from the advantages of each method. However, integrated systems usually do not provide mechanisms(More)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 2256 Engineering Hall, 1415 Engineering Drive, Madison, Wisc. 53706. The goal of the Automated Highway System (AHS) is to blend engineering ingenuity and technology to produce a new level of transportation services. Human factors are difficult to integrate with AHS design(More)
The increasing availability and maturity of DNA microarray technology has led to an explosion of cancer profiling studies for identifying cancer biomarkers, and predicting treatment response. Uncovering complex relationships, however, remains the most challenging task as it requires compiling and efficiently querying data from various sources. Here, we(More)
In previous studies, female monkeys self-administered more oral phencyclidine (PCP) than males, and PCP intake differed by phase of menstrual cycle. The purpose of this study was to examine sex and hormonal influences on oral cocaine self-administration in male and female rhesus monkeys in the follicular vs. luteal phases of the menstrual cycle, with(More)
We explore the role that immersive technologies, specifically virtual reality (VR) and hybrid 2D/3D sketch-based interfaces and visualizations, can play in analytical reasoning for medicine. Two case studies are described: (1) immersive explanations of medical procedures, and (2) immersive design of medical devices. Both tightly integrate 2D imagery and(More)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Telepresence-Enabled Cognitive Apprenticeship Model of Teacher Professional Development by R. Shawn Edmondson, Doctor of Philosophy Utah State University, 2005 Major Professor: Dr. Steve Lehman Department: Psychology, Research and Evaluation Methodology This exploratory research used a mixed-methods design to compare the(More)
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