Seth J. Salpeter

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The frequency of pancreatic β-cell replication declines dramatically with age, potentially contributing to the increased risk of type 2 diabetes in old age. Previous studies have shown the involvement of cell-autonomous factors in this phenomenon, particularly the decline of polycomb genes and accumulation of p16/INK4A. Here, we demonstrate that a systemic(More)
Most of our knowledge on cell kinetics stems from in vitro studies of continuously dividing cells. In this study, we determine in vivo cell-cycle parameters of pancreatic β-cells, a largely quiescent population, using drugs that mimic or prevent glucose-induced replication of β-cells in mice. Quiescent β-cells exposed to a mitogenic glucose stimulation(More)
Microscopy has long been considered to be the gold standard for diagnosis of malaria despite the introduction of newer assays. However, it has many challenges like requirement of trained microscopists and logistic issues. A vision based device that can diagnose malaria, provide speciation and estimate parasitaemia was evaluated. The device was evaluated(More)
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